How to use eye shadow

Marriage is a very special occasion in a woman’s life where a special glow is imparted on the bride’s face. In the past, it was the friends and relatives who used to help the bride in dressing up for the wedding. However, today, there are professionals who take care of all parts of Bridal Make up. There are very few parlors specialized in Makeup of Groom. Use a rounded applicator to apply your base color, and a pointed applicator for contouring shades. For blending you will need a thick springy flat brush for applying highlighter and for precise blending and a soft rounded brush for erasing demarcation lines by removing excess makeup. 
Eye shadow makeup
Bridal eye shadow makeup 
Bride and Groom makeup is costly in every part of the world, because they need special attention of beauticians. There is a large number of expert and experienced male and female beauticians in India and Pakistan. They have the ability to make any girl, a Charming bride and any boy a handsome groom.

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