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Arabic Abaya Designs 2012 fashion for girls modern Abaya styles for women and girls in Saudi Arabia, Dubai or such other countries. Arabic Abaya Designs are famous as in Saudi and other Arabic countries, where trend of wearing Abaya is so popular. Traditional Abaya are black and open and maybe either a large square fabric therefore has no closures such as buttons and rather is held in place by wearing over your head and holding closed with your arms. It is simple and long that covers the whole body except the face, feet and hands. It can be worn with niqab, a face veil covering all except the eyes. Thus, they are mostly lightweight fabrics which are suitable for all weather use - for hot and cold seasons. Some women choose to wear long black gloves, so their hands are covered as well. Abaya, the Islamic dress also referred to as burqa, burka or jilbab is a long robe like simple apparel for Muslim women, sometimes also called an aba. 

Arabian Abaya Designs


A traditional over- garment that confirms to the religious customs and values serve as the modest clothing. It is wear on top of regular or occasional clothing as part of their cultural clothing attire. The primary purpose of wearing Abaya is to cover Muslim Women as instructed in the Islamic religion.

Aarah Abaya Styles

Abaya Arabic Designs

Abaya are known by various names in many countries of Arabian peninsula such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and over Asia. And it serves the main purpose, which is to cover. 

Abaya Fashion Trends Muslim Woman


Arabian Abaya Designs


Islamic fashions in clothing are now a day’s getting versatile. East to West the new designs for women Muslim clothing’s are being introduced where the different cultural embroideries and art works are being introduced on dresses to make them more beautiful and vibrant.

Arabic Hijab Styles


 Muslim girls in Abaya  


Black Abaya with Silver Accents 


Islamic Abaya Designs 


Rose Pink Abaya 


Arab dresses were normally simple and easy but now the designers have made them with new ideas to create hybrid type of clothes which cover the modern and Islamic value concept. The Muslim women around the world love to wear these dresses.

Saudi Abaya Styles

Latest Abaya Styles 2012


Latest Abaya Trend 


Latest Arabic Abaya Fashion 2012 


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