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Rajhistani culture is a dominant culture in province Balochistan, Pakistan. People of Rajhistan are very charming and they like colors and traditions. Today we have brought colorful collection of Rajhastani dresses for you. Hope you like this collection. Let’s have a closer look to Rajhastani dresses includes in this Rajhastani Dress Collection 2013. Pakistan is famous in all over the world due to its diverse culture, heritage and values. There are several prevailing heritages in Pakistan which has possessed unique cultural values and norms.

Rajasthani Dresses


Rajhastani dresses are very much famous due to their diversity in color and designs. 

Rajasthani Embroidered Dresses


Rajasthani Handmade Embroidered Dresses


Rajasthani Handmade Embroidery


Rajasthani Traditional Dresses


Designing schema of Rajhastani dresses consists of unique style of embroidery and printing on dresses. Language, heritage and dresses are the key elements of a culture which distinguished it from other cultures.  

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