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Embroidered Dresses Bridal Wedding WearThese bridal dresses are for those who truly love embroidered dresses, particularly those teenagers who are going to be married or going to concentrate a marriage function. Embroidered dresses certainly have been the element of every girl’s closet in South Asia. Girls truly love to wear embroidered, fancy and formal and semi-formal dresses mainly on special occasions, events and functions. Embroidered dresses provide a gorgeous look in which one’s splendour aroused in a new style. Full Embroidered dresses have also been the element of our culture. 

You can wear these dresses as bridal wedding wear, party wear dresses, embroidered and bridal evening wearToday we have brings an ideal collection fully embroidered formal and semi-formal dresses for Brides as Bridal wear for weddings and other special occasions. These collections are from the house of Elan Brands.

Elan Embroidered Dresses for Brides
Embroidered Dresses Designs for BridesEmbroidered Dresses Designs

Heavy Embroidered Dresses for Evening Parites
Party Wear Embroidered Dresses Bridal Embroidered Dresses Designs

Bridal Dresses for Wedding Party
Heavy Embroidered Dresses for Brides

Bridal Dresses Evening Party by Elan
Bridal Embroidered Dresses for Brides

Elan clothing brand has expanded huge fame in last few years and has become one of the important fancy clothing of Pakistan. Elan was on track by Khadijah Shah, a true lover of South Asian fashion style and a creative dress designer. Elan has released numerous prĂȘt and formal bridal party wear collections and fully embroidered bridal collection. Elan Dresses have been encouraged with fancy (tilla) and thread work and have been glamour with dazzling stuff work. Khadijah Shah designed these bridal and wedding wears in Western touch. Hope, you would like these fully embroidered dress, bridal wear dresses and party wear dresses absolutely instigate by Khadijah Shah by Elan’s. 

Bridal Dresses Evening Wear
Bridal Wedding Wear

Fancy Embroidered Dresses for Brides
Fancy Bridal Embroidered Dresses

Bridal Pink Dresses
Embroidered Dresses for Womenspink wedding dresses, evening dresses

Formal Bridal Dresses
Embroidered Dresses for BridesFancy Embroidered Dress 2013-14

Elan Bridal Dresses Shirt
Bridal Dresses for Girls

 Heavy Bridal Embroidered Dresses 2013
Custom Embroidered Dresses Shirts

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