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We “hijabis”take great pride in our appearance — for ourselves. Wearing the hijab teaches us that we don’t have to satisfy other people’s perceptions of physical beauty. We wear the hijab to liberate ourselves from society’s demands and free ourselves from being reduced solely to our looks. We compel people to see us for our intelligence, our impeccable senses of humor and our magnetic personalities, rather than how we chose to styleour hair that day. The traditionalbehind this definition is to set the Abaya apart from the Jilbab garment which has some similarities but many differences. Jilbabs to begin with have arms which are stitched to the main body of the cloak. It has many colours and has many designs such as hooded Jilbabs and has a wider range like smart, casual, work etc. Jilbabscan incorporate more style into the actual shape of the garment like frills, flares, ruffles, cuffed sleeves, laces, pleats and much more.

Girls Wearing Hijab


The Abaya today is available in a variety of material from evergreen cotton to crepe, chiffon and georgette that have added comfort and a whole range of beautiful colors too. If there is a color in your mind, you can get it without any trouble is what the online abaya shop has made possible.

Arabian Abaya Designs


Arabian Abaya Styles 2012


Modern day Abayas worn by the younger generation are moving away from the traditional embellishment on the garment. The younger generation opt for more stylish geometric, floral patterns from silver or gold embroidery, bead, sequins, multi colored crystals for standard or Swarovski for more expensive Abayas. These intricate patterns are added onto neckline, bodice, base and flowing flared sleeves with tassel to make it look more chic, trendy and elegant for younger generation to wear Abaya

Effa Abaya Styles


Hijab Styles 2013


Hijab With Style


The Abaya designed and created in different countries across the world have a unique touch of their own distinct culture and style. From simple cottons to shiny materials and elaborate Abayas for the festive and other occasions is what is available to the online shopper today. With designsfrom across the globe all brought together under one roof it has becomes possible to stick to your modest style of dressing in a whole new fashionable way.

Islamic Abaya 2012


 Latest Abaya Style


 Muslim Girls Hijab Fashion


Pure Hijab Fashion


The chiffon kaftans when worn over silken abayas create a look of mystique and give the wearer and air of charisma. However, they can also be worn with cotton ones depending on the weather they are worn in. Although most women choose to wear the same colored kaftan as the abaya, but contrasting colours can also be used to create a unique and exclusive look.

 Stylish Abaya for Muslim Women


 Stylish Gorgeous Abaya Dress


 Winter Hijab 2012


Hijab Style Muslim Women


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