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Abaya is a loose fitting, black outer garment worn by Muslim Women. MeemSeen is a famous brand of Abayas. Meemseen latest fashion abayas is a brand of UAE founded in 2008. Now no women need to run Middle East for latest abayas because MeemSeen is available in Pakistan as well. Recently MeemSeen has introduced high fashion Abayas with elegant embroidery, beads and motifs. Latest fashion trends of bell bottom sleeves, double press shirts etc are uniquely added in Meemseen abayas which look very elegant. Meemseen latest fashion abayascollection 2012 are beautifully decorated with red, off white, purple color embroidery, beads and stones etc. While traditionally abayas are long, robe-like dresses worn by Muslim women, a new trend in designer abayas have just expanded the clientele for this typical item of clothing. An abaya is usually black in color and covers the entire body, leaving only the face, feet and hands visible. It is usually combined with a niqab or face veil and sometimes with long black gloves.

Hijab Style 2012


The guidelines for dress laid down by Islamic law require modesty and all abayas serve the purpose of covering a woman modestly. However, contemporary designer abayas are a far cry from the dull, typical traditional style abayas. Let's look at some of these differences:

Abaya Hijab Style


Arabian Abayas Styles


While cotton and wool were perennially favorite fabrics in which abayas traditionallymanifest themselves, modern-day abayas are made from light and flowing materials such as chiffon, georgette and crepe. Silhouettes, too, are changing with layered, twisted and knotted detailing being added to the plain lines of a traditional abaya.

Arabic Abaya Hijab


Butterfly Style Abaya 2012


The traditional color for abayas is black. However, there exist a range of abayas that do not follow this tradition. Beige, brown, grey, pink, sky blue, green, white, maroon, purple and even two-tone color combinations are rapidly changing the way the colors of abayas are perceived.

Casual Arabic Abaya


Dubai Glam Designer Abaya


Scarf Styles Hijab 2013


Embroidery has become almost standard on modern abayas. Done in single or multi-colored thread or gold thread, embroidery adds detail, sophistication and a touch of class to hitherto plain abayas. Top end designers even offer Swarovski crystals and lace embellishments. In fact, Swarovski has actually held competitions and workshops in countries such as Abu Dhabi to increase the use of Swarovski elements in designing abayas.

Trendy Casual Abaya


Black Silk Abaya


Latest Arabian Abaya


Designer abayas are also attracting some of the biggest names in international fashion. Fashion designers are sitting up and taking notice of the large, predominantly urban market for eastern clothing and are offering traditional items of clothing in these markets. Famous designers such as Dior's John Galliano have launched their line of designer abayas and local designers are also waking up to the design potential of abayas.

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 New Abaya Fashion Trend 2012


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